Saturday, June 1, 2013

On the Cloud Interview and Reading

Another reason to be careful while surfing the web....

Sonja DeVries was kind enough to interview me and have me read on her radio show --
"Ignite the Ink" on the Crescent Hill community station in Louisville.  That's the link up above.  I go on and on of course...being crazed with words...but it isn't too nauseating.

Naturally there is a tendency to babble if you hide away to scribble and dislike talking about work in progress like I do (being deeply superstitious about the dangers in doing that...seems to bring a canker or mildew to the draft and kill it dead).  So being interviewed might be the first time in 8 - 10 years to talk about the pieces and just like any castaway you are wild-eyed and need three or four mouths to be able to say everything that has to be said right now.

I read some new things, a few from the chapbook and one from Beautiful City.  She was a great listener and asked some hard/interesting questions about the fundamental things that were fun to try to answer though I doubt I came close.  Climbed on, got bucked off again immediately, ended up covered with dust but pleased to have been in the ring.

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