Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Obscure Musical Facts of Mild Interest

I can call myself a songwriter officially because --  as with some other very old professions -- I get paid for it.  Curious persons can check out my stuff --  the cut and the as-yet uncut -- here: 

Another route which skips the uncut is to check out Jim Hurst's website:

Fans of amazing guitar have already done that, I'm guessing.  He comes out of bluegrass and country but his ears are wide open to other things and you can hear other styles and traditions blended into what he does. You won't be able to predict what he might play next but none of it is showy or random either.  Beautiful singable lines always.  You can tell that by his vocals as well.

He's done tunes of mine on two of his cds

Box of Chocolates

Product Details

Intrepid -- the latest

Product Details

Despite my tunes being on them, they're well worth checking out.

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