Tuesday, April 7, 2009

alternate lives

Sometimes when I'm traveling something about a neighborhood or a house caught in a brief glimpse will make me wonder "who would I be if I'd grown up here?" The digital variation on that is to Google your alternate selves. In my case, since my name is pretty common, this turns up some interesting results. I catch glimpses of my other self writing books about the Australian economy or shot dead from ambush in Eastern Kentucky a hundred years ago.

Today's version seems like a bit of a stretch for me but given the combined magical power of labels and of my naivete -- if it says "Robert Gregory" it must be me, that's my name(!) -- I do have a moment of confusion when I see things like this:

A COCAINE baron who ran a drugs ring from his £500,000 Billericay home has been jailed for 13 years.

Drug-dealing "Del Boy" Robert Gregory had a network of traffickers helping him distribute the class A drug across Essex and the East Midlands.


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Unwit said...

Dang it. You told me that stuff was SweetN Low!